Childhood Crayon Drawings

In the night, I remembered that I had two other very early drawings I made as a child of around three years old.  I located them on my second try—one of those cases where you know you’ve seen something, but wonder where you’ve put it.  This time, my memory served me well.

I don’t know if I made these for my grandfather or just pencilled his name on the first drawing because he was important to me.

Childhood Crayon Drawing
A crayon drawing I did as a child of around 3.

It’s touching to see that even at that very early age, the images I drew were of a flower, bees or butterflies and two animals.  It seems my love of nature goes back a long way.

Crayon Drawing
Crayon Drawing from my childhood

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I have made visual art works all my life. Arts of May shows some of my explorations in different media and the inspiration I take from other artists and works. An earlier blog, of humans and nature, concentrates on my photographs of natural places that help my spirit.

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