Old Prints, New Booklets & Mail Art 2

Night Flower Linocut

Night Flower linocut, made in 1981 by Lily S. May under my birth name.

I’ve sent out another booklet as mail art, this time to a friend who’s also an artist.  This was the first book I complied.  It’s made of two prints.  I placed the smaller book upside down inside the large one and sewed them together.

Mail art booklet

Mail art booklet by Lily S. May, 2013

Kapoks Touching, which you can see in my last post, forms the outer book.  The small inner booklet is made from Night Flower.  It was with this linocut that I first took a deep breath and folded and cut through part of the image, allowing the booklet to be formed.  Breaking through that barrier then allowed me to risk crumpling the work and to sew it in the very loose fashion I did.

Mail art booklet

Another view of the same mail art booklet by Lily S. May, 2013

Though it may seem that I’m defacing my own work, the experience is just the opposite.  I feel this is a form of honouring the work I’ve done by changing it.  I also like the parallels to aging—wrinkled skin and crumpled paper as one example of this.

2 Comments on “Old Prints, New Booklets & Mail Art 2”

  1. Hi Lily, I’ve received your booklet. Thank you so much! I love the feel of the paper and that you’ve repurposed an old print of your work. I think that’s a very liberating act. Mail art to follow soon.

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