Fold Out Booklet as Mail Art Model

Fold Out Booklet

Fold Out Booklet made from old linocut by Lily S. May, 2013

I’ve continued turning some of my old prints into booklets and sending them out as mail art.  The one I’ll show you today I’ll be keeping for a while.  It’s a happy accident that I want to use for reference for other booklets.  I say accident because I didn’t plan ahead for the possibilities that arise from a square booklet, which this is.

Foldout Booklet

Fold out booklet made from old linocut by Lily S. May, 2013

As in origami, which I’ve enjoyed puttering around with over the years, the square can be folded into many shapes, some of which can pull out and collapse into others.  This booklet does just that and ended up surprising me.  The first pages unfold into squares and back into triangles allowing different parts of the print to be seen next to one another.  I’ve always loved puzzles and this booklet has the feel of one.  I’ll let you know when I develop others.

Fold out booklet

Fold out booklet by Lily S. May, 2013, from an earlier made linocut

The print this booklet is made from is part of a linocut I made in 1973.  I carved it without a previous plan, for the enjoyment of using my intuition.  I called it First Variation on Several Forms and later made a woodcut using the same forms and having a very different feel.

Linocut by Lily S. May

Linocut by Lily S. May: First Variation on Several Forms, 1973

4 Comments on “Fold Out Booklet as Mail Art Model”

  1. artsofmay says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

  2. robert okaji says:

    This is beautiful. Hmm. Now I’m wondering how I might use such a technique. Thank you.

    • artsofmay says:

      Thank you and you’re welcome. I’ve found many variations of these origami books, originally in a physical book called Cover to Cover by Shereen La Plantz. But I’m sure they must be online now.

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