U of T window

Photo of University of Toronto window, May 2013, by Lily S. May

I don’t think of myself as a photographer, but since I take my camera with me most days, I’ve decided to show you some of the photographs I take.  The ones in this post are from the University of Toronto campus last week.   

 Sometimes a scene calls out to me to be taken in black and white as I’ve done here.  This is often an intuitive process.

 I do very little editing of my work because of severe eyestrain when I’m on the computer too long.  Generally, the most I do is optimize and resize the photos, as I’ve done with these, so they load easily online.  Sometimes I crop the images and, on the odd occasion, I adjust contrast and brightness. 

U of T

Photograph of windows and vine covered wall on University of Toronto campus by Lily S. May, taken May 2013

In the photos I take I frequently focus on the composition of shapes—the design element—as I have done in much of my work.

 I find the photos help me remember things that I would not have—for example, I can recognize specific trees in the woods that I’ve photographed and studied.

 At times I’ve found that photographing can take me away from the moment and into a place of acquisition.  To help myself with this, I pause and take in what I’ve photographed, so that I am present where I am.

2 Comments on “Photography”

  1. dweinberg415 says:

    It’s a good habit to develop– keeping your camera with you, easily accessible in case something interesting happens. I’m trying to do that myself. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. artsofmay says:

    It’s great to get your comment. Whenever I don’t take my camera with me, I end up seeing something I wish I could have photographed. It practically never fails.

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