Mail Art from Portugal

Mail Art Portugal

Mail Art received from Ana Isabel Morais from Portugal.

This week I received a wonderfully colourful envelope from Ana Isabel Morais in Portugal.  Thank you Ana Isabel!  Inside were many paper cutouts that will be great for collage work.  On the envelope itself, the blue plastic tape with Portugal embossed on it took me back to embossing machines we had when I was a youngster that produced white letters and numbers on red tape.

A lovely surprise!

P.S.: If anyone wants to send me mail art, my address has changed!  You can contact me for an update.

Mail Art Portugal

Mail art paper cutouts from Ana Isabel Morais.

2 Comments on “Mail Art from Portugal”

  1. Hi Lily S. May! Thank you so much for your little review of my mail art piece. I wish you a healthy and peaceful life, and a wonderful day! Take care, Ana Isabel Morais

  2. artsofmay says:

    You’re very welcome!

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