Paper Quilt from “Flower Elephants” Linocut

Paper Quilt
Paper quilt made from early linocut by Lily S. May, 2013

I’m continuing to refashion my old linocuts and woodcuts.  I’ve been thinking of quilting some of my prints for a few years and decided to begin the process with this small 5 x 7 inch linocut.  Once again, my aim was to do the work with a sense of freedom.  That’s why I used large stitches and meandering lines of sewing.  I enjoyed the process greatly, from layering paper and cotton/polyester batting to the hand colouring at the end.

Working with fragile materials in this way continues to feel central to my life as I age.  It all makes emotional sense. 

Quilted Linocut
Detail of quilted linocut by Lily S. May, 20113

My aunt, upon hearing that I was making mail art, requested that I send her something.  I think this will be the piece I mail to her.

If you’d like to receive a refashioned print from me, do contact me with your name and address and I’ll be happy to mail you one of these works. 

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I have made visual art works all my life. Arts of May shows some of my explorations in different media and the inspiration I take from other artists and works. An earlier blog, of humans and nature, concentrates on my photographs of natural places that help my spirit.

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