Interior–The Beauty in the Broken

I’m enjoying the interior photographs I’ve been taking of scenes and objects around my apartment. Things that I might overlook because I’ve grown accustomed to them and no longer actually see them are now grabbing my attention.  

For the past few years, I’ve been drawn to the beauty in broken pieces of ceramics and glass. So last week when the lid to a mason jar fell to the floor and shattered, I retrieved the main part of it and photographed it. Here’s a photo I took when I put the broken glass on a vibrantly coloured enamel dish that’s been in my family for decades. I liked the contrast and the semi transparency, the broken and the carefully crafted.  

Interior Photograph
Interior Photograph, Lily S. May, copyright 2014

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I have made visual art works all my life. Arts of May shows some of my explorations in different media and the inspiration I take from other artists and works. An earlier blog, of humans and nature, concentrates on my photographs of natural places that help my spirit.

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