Drawing in Algonquin Park

We recently went to Algonquin Park, a few hours north of Toronto. Because of the very warm and, sometimes, hot autumn, the trees had hardly turned their usual bright colours.  Apparently they began turning late in August when there was a cold spell and then stopped when the warm weather arrived. Nevertheless, we had a beautiful time in bright sun hiking through forests and by lakes. I made some quick sketches, this time with thin felt pens. These sketches continue to surprise me.  As in Newfoundland, I found myself making minimal lines that, even without much detail, still bring back memories of the places I drew in and the feelings of being in nature, during these changes in our climate.

Here’s some photos and sketches from the trip:




6 Comments on “Drawing in Algonquin Park”

  1. Love these, stripped down to the bare essentials

  2. Very evocative. Hard to render the density without obscuring everything! Well done

  3. Harlon says:

    May my heart be still, Algonquin Park is a special place for me. Every year, for more than I care to count, I always do a back country canoeing trip – it’s a very special place for me and it delights me when others are able to experience the beauty of what is truly one of Canada’s natural resources. Enjoy, Harlon

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