Old and New

Here’s my most recent work. Following the work I showed in my previous post, I looked through some linocuts I’d made in the early 1970’s. The  one you see below is part of a larger print I made by carving free style with only two shapes in mind–the round and the long ones. I have another large chunk of the original print that I plan on using in my next piece.

I cut the 12 inch square piece of linocut in 3 inch squares to be able to adhere them neatly to a gesso board. That left interesting spaces here and there where the sides did not line up exactly. I then began painting using acryl gouache without a preconceived plan. I decided to paint some of the seams with marks that, for me, symbolized sewing on cloth or stitching skin together, leaving scars, of which I have several. I enjoyed the process of making this piece–it involved times of slow thought and consideration as well as ones of trial and error and intuition.  The piece reminds me of a landscape or garden.

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I have made visual art works all my life. Arts of May shows some of my explorations in different media and the inspiration I take from other artists and works. An earlier blog, of humans and nature, concentrates on my photographs of natural places that help my spirit.

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