Oak Leaves

There’s a young oak tree on one of the streets in my neighbourhood. I’ve brought home 2 sprigs of leaves that I’ve found on the sidewalk on my walks. I love oak leaves! And I’ve done a few drawings of them.

The first two are of a small bunch of leaves that I drew first with a bold pen and, the next day, with a finer line one. I did this to see what changing the tool would do to the rendition. A very different look and feel appeared.

This third sketch is of a larger sprig of leaves.


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Some Line Drawings

I haven’t done line drawing in a while and thought it would be helpful to begin again. It’s a way of grounding myself in the present and seeing what’s in front of me. Here’s several drawings I’ve done this week with black pigment markers. I found them calming to do.

This first one is in my work room: easel with recent crayon work and woodcuts of one of my favourite artists–Munakata Shiko*–on the wall behind.  Plus another favourite woodcut by Naoko Matsubara. The drawing is practically an abstract.


Here’s one of a papier maché mask I made a few years ago, on a shelf in the work room as it awaits a place on a wall.


This is the view from one of my windows–a view I usually find disheartening because of all the ungraceful buildings. I was surprised to find that in drawing the scene I felt different about it. It lost its sense of ugliness for me. The lines and shapes held my interest and became a contrast between the curves of the trees and straight lines of the buildings that went beyond judgement. I suspect there’s a wider life lesson in this, although I haven’t fully formulated it yet.


Again, here’s some of the things on my work table.


And here’s part of a Bread and Puppet poster hanging in my work room. On the poster is a photograph of two of the enormous masks that Bread and Puppet has made, resting in their barn/museum in Vermont that we visited around 20 years ago.

*Here’s a video of Munakata’s work


I’m also at artsofmay.etsy.com

Mirrors Card Deck Reprinted

This week my auspicious card deck, Mirrors of the Heart, has returned from the printer. It’s on thicker card stock with matte lamination. This time it’s black and white like the original linos. And, I’ve added a back to each card–a linocut of two birds. I’ve put the deck up in my etsy shop.

Finding the Mask of the Goddess Linocut

Here’s another linocut I made in the 1970s.  Again, the theme has to do with an imaginary goddess. This time she doesn’t appear, but one of her masks does.

Finding Mask of Goddess Lino

Finding the Mask of the Goddess. Linocut, copyright 1974, Lily S. May under former married name, Susan Barsel-Herman

Birth Linocut

Birth Lino

Birth linocut. Copyright 1983, Lily S. May. Signed with my original name.

This is a linocut I made in 1983 that was printed in a women’s health journal. The article was on midwifery. I hand carved and handprinted the image. I’ve put the linocut up for sale in my etsy shop.

Clouds Linocut

Here’s another linocut I made when I was just starting out. It arose from my love of seeing images in clouds. 

Clouds Lino

“Clouds” linocut, copyright Lily S. May under former married name.