Abundant Clematis

This week, while out walking under trees in my neighbourhood and admiring other people’s gardens, I came upon some tremendously beautiful clematis. This spring I’ve been restraining myself from photographing every flower I see, particularly those that I have many photos of.  I’ve been doing better this year at stopping to admire scilla, crabapples, lilacs, lilies of the valley, irises without always pulling out the phone. However, there’s a limit to restraint and these flowers were it!  Here’s a photo of them from midweek.

Photograph–Bay de Verde, Newfoundland

Bay de Verde
A street in Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. Photo by Lily S. May, August 2013

While in Newfoundland in August, my creative side was occupied with photography and writing.  I took this photograph of a narrow street in Bay de Verde, a town in Conception Bay that haunted me.