In the Pink

In honour of summer and the Pride Parades here in Toronto and around the world, here’s a hot pink and rainbow coloured gouache painting I made several years ago. It’s called The Swimmer.



Here’s another gouache painting I made in 1997.  It’s part of the series of brightly coloured spontaneous works I did. I’ve also listed this one in my etsy shop.

Gouache painting--lightning

Gouache painting–“Lightning”. Copyright 1997, Lily S. May

Gouache Painting: Fantasy

In the 1990s, I made a series of gouache paintings for which I had no planned outcomes.  I loved the bright colours of these water based paints and the enlivening process of surprise.  I call this painting Fantasy because of its unconscious elements and have listed it in my etsy shop.

Gouache Painting

Gouache Painting, Fantasy, copyright 1997, Lily S. May