Flying Cards

I’ve recently had various bouts of illness. During this time, I have slowly completed print ready files of the Mirrors of the Heart card deck and have sent them off to the printer. When they are completed, I’ll show you their new look.

Also, while resting, I’ve been reworking some more of my earlier art work. Here are 3 hanging ornamental pieces I’ve made combining segments of a woodcut I made in the 1970s and extra hand coloured cards from the card deck. I’ve also added decorative starched transparent papers that I wish I could trace to a distributor again. They’re the shapes growing out of the rectangles. If the papers look familiar to anyone,  please let me know.

I’ll be putting some of these pieces in my etsy shop soon.






House Paintings

House Spirit
House Spirit, Oil Painting by Lily S. May, copyright 2008

I wanted to show you some more oil paintings that I’ve done over the past few years. These two are related. The house you see in House Spirit was next to a friend’s place in Toronto. Here, it was in the process of being torn down. It was a beautiful old house that reminded me of a sanctuary at this stage. It also seemed like a ruin in the woods because of the heavily treed area.

Inside Out
Inside Out, Oil Painting by Lily S. May, copyright 2008

Inside Out shows the same house with only the old walls remaining.  I was drawn to the strange beauty of this view in which you get to see layers of time, as it were. Here the house was open to the sky, with the workers’ ladders and supplies clearly visible, the old paint on the walls and the remnants of a fireplace.  This painting is one I like a great deal. It continues to give me a feeling of light in transformation.